Salon Nouvelle Ame!

Established in 2006 by Tersia Moldenhauer, Salon Nouvelle Ame has expanded its range of offerings from Facials to Slimming. Pop in for a visit at the Durbanville salon.

Far too often the generic focus of other salons is to enhance the outer being, neglecting the client’s inner world. Salon Nouvelle Ame’s key aim has been to create a centre of holistic health and beauty, caring for the client in a way that connects both their inner and outer being. The salon swiftly grew as Tersia expanded her offerings. Sensitivity to her clients’ needs and her passion in fulfilling these needs has won the hearts of many. Away from the hustle and bustle of shopping centres and the buzzing of hair dryers Salon Nouvelle Ame will give you a tranquil and uplifting experience.

Tersia’s mission is to provide a safe haven to nurture her clients’ beauty, emotional and spiritual needs, by blending various techniques and her personal touch, Salon Nouvelle Ame is the place where people go to appreciate the beauty that lies within, through the treatments on offer.


Tersia sees people transformed holistically from ordinary to extra-ordinary, equipping them to feel beautiful and confident in order to be the best they are!


By effectively implementing strong values, staying informed, using the best equipment and technology and following best practices in a beautiful, professional and tranquil environment.


Love, caring, integrity, honesty, excellence, passion and respect.

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