* Slimming
* Cellulite Reduction
* Muscle Toning
* Increase Blood Circulation

Introducing the SURETONE Professional

The STUDIO-16 pad has been part of the Slimming Systems range for many years and has recently been upgraded with the latest technology electrode pads to ensure maximum benefit with the stimulation and ease of use. With more than 30 years of experience in the slimming industry, SURETONE will continue to give great results with cellulite breakdown, centimeter loss, toning and firming of the body.

The demand for slimming is never-ending and it motivated us to develop a “hands free” product that allow the professionals to utilise their time more efficiently. The Professional model’s electrode pads provide for a ‘full body’ placing.

Combined with the superb quality of the machine and the latest technology electrode pads with a re-usable self-adhesive gel layer, SURETONE is best.

The pads are well suited for all areas of the body and require NO STRAPS.

Surgical spirits is applied to the placement area on the skin before applying the pads, thus working hygienically.

The comfort of the impulse transmission is unsurpassable – smooth contractions without the irritation on the skin.

Why Suretone?
*  Can be used on both men and women.
*  Toning, firming, trimming, cellulite breakdown. Develop strength and endurance.
*  8 independently controlled channels, each channel controls 2 electrode pads. (16 pads can work at a time)
*  Accurate Timer.
*  Adjustable Pulsator setting for length of contraction selection
*  Biphasic waveform only needs one electrode per muscle group. Much easier to do the placements and it covers twice the body area

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