Reflexology has become a popular alternative therapy in the UK during recent years. It has been around for 4000 years and was first used in the middle and eastern continents and was introduced to the Western world during the early 1900′s. It is based on the theory that reflex areas on the feet and hands are linked to organs and other areas of the body within the same zone.

A unique massaging method is used by the reflexologist on the patients hands and feet to bring the patient back to an optimal balance of mental and physical well being. Today, reflexology has been recognised to help with a long list of conditions from migraine to sporting injuries and has helped people with pain relief from more serious disease such as cancer. Reflexology should not be used to replace medical care or practice but should be regarded as complimentary to it. Recent scientific studies have been carried out on the effectiveness of reflexology as a treatment. Current results look strong in the areas of stress and pain reduction and pre-menstrual syndrome.

Reflexology has been shown to be effective for treating
•   Migraine
•   Back Pain
•   Arthritis
•   Infertility
•   Sleep disorders
•   Hormonal imbalances
•   Digestive disorders
•   Stress related conditions
•   Sporting injuries

Benefits of reflexology include
•   Restores and maintains health by relieving the body of toxins
•   Improves blood supply that carries nutrients that our bodies need for good health
•   Relieves stress and tension
•   Relax, balance and harmonise the body
•   Strengthens the entire body and supports the body in its own healing process

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