Bio Sculpture® Gel is the perfect solution for beautiful, durable, flexible, fashionable, non-chip, color-fast nails. It can give glamorous nails without any fuss for up to 8-10 weeks*. Bio Sculpture® Gel is easy to apply, like regular nail polish and light to wear. It has the properties of self-levelling without being runny and hard to control. Clear gel cures to a non-yellowing crystal finish and colors cure to a glossy polished color.

Bio Sculpture® is Flexible and will not chip yet cures to a solid durable nail. One of the most amazing properties of Bio Sculpture® Gel that puts it in a different class is the holding capacity to the natural nail. It holds so well yet is removes so well. Bio Sculpture® Gel is a removable gel – the first in the world.

Sculptures: The color of the extended sculpture has been formulated to be the exact color of a natural free edge and nail. Without the use of tips or glues, Bio Sculpture® can create a gel nail as thin as paper, as strong as steel, in any required length and shape or to match other natural nails. The first ever gel sculpture was done by Bio Sculpture®.

Bio Sculpture® Gel is a versatile Nail system. Natural nails will grow out naturally with gel overlays. Naturally long nails will be strengthened, chipping nail polish can be replaced by non-chip nail color. Short nails can be extended with sculptures. Bio Sculpture® gel can be very flexible or very solid or anything in-between.

A variety of colors are available, including French polish. You may have the gel removed or changed as often as you want. There is absolutely no commitment – the gel soaks off in minutes and is completely safe!

What happens during the treatment: Your therapist starts with a “dry manicure” to tidy cuticles and shape the nails before gel is applied. Each nail is cured under a UV lamp to ensure that the polish is completely dry by the end of your treatment – which will prevent smudging!

* Gel can last up to 6 weeks on toe-nails
** Infills recommended on hands every 2-3 weeks

Looking for Nail Extensions? Please note: This is a Gel that is applied on to your natural or artificial nail. It is not an extension to your nail.

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